New York Day 12


It’s Friday the 13th.

After dropping off the dry cleaning and picking up coffee I feel like a local.

It’s off to the nearby cinema with Ruby to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 ahead of my review for Weekend Sunrise Saturday evening New York Time.

Review here –

Back to the apartment on the subway via the healthy lunch shop where we find some soup and a felafel & Homous wrap.

Cards and jigsaw puzzle in the room, then some ball in the hall before Melissa returns from her solo day in NYC.

I head out again uptown to the Lincoln Center to watch The Rover (also for review).

A rather dire affair, it’s followed by 22 Jump St which is much more to my liking.

Two pints of Stella and an American Burger with Fries & Onion Rings and some Swans Vs Port Adelaide AFL on cable as well as some work on the mac and it;s now 1am and time for some James Bond – You Only Live Twice.

Then bed and wake up to a trip to Brooklyn.

Good Night New York.


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