New York Day 11

IMG_6252You know that Ben Stiller film – Niht at the Museum?

Well that’s where we went today.

After catching the wrong train – an express instead of a local that had us halfway to Harlem, we made in in through the main entrance of the Museum of Natural History.

Despite the exhibits appearing untouched since they were first installed in the mid 20th century, they provide the most fascinating glimpse inside the natural world entailing everywhere from Africa –


To other parts of Africa…

IMG_6266 IMG_6265

A gorgeous New York experience.

Despite expending bulk energy around the museum’s four floors we decided to head way downtown to find a bite to eat at a recommended spot – Cafe Gitane.

The best Shepherd’s Pie ever.


Followed by Cheesecake and red wine on the rooftop…



And then Eric Bana in Munich and it’s time for bed.


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