New York Day 8


Despite an early bedtime yesterday I didn’t sleep so well and had the job of rising early to watch after Miss 6.5 who wanted some breakfast and some “children’s TV”.

I supplied the former and in unusual form denied the latter, instead opting for a few rounds of card games.

Like her Dad, Ruby has been keeping a journal of her trip, and this morning posed the delicate job of explaining to her why anyone would want to fly planes into buildings. That’s another story.

A rainy day in New York City as I headed out for coffee and donuts. Yes. Coffee and donuts. So good.

Doughnut Plant supplied the good stuff and I ate a cinnamon bun washed down with a few takeaway cups.

Unsure what to do on a wet day we headed uptown to Toys R Us and rode a ferris wheel and bought a couple of puzzles and odds and ends.

There was a disappointing range of action figures and although there was a kickass Jabba Lego on display there were none in boxes.

In need of a bite and perhaps slightly deranged by our shopping experience we headed underground into the Hard Rock Cafe for a plate of Nachos that we could not touch.

Home again for more games before heading out to one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever eaten. Thank you JW for the tip!

Arrived home quite full and a tad moist from plenty of wine.

Currently 12:40am and Tom Cruise is on the TV in Oblivion on HBO, so I’m returning my attention to that, inspired by my review of his new film Edge of Tomorrow.

Game of Thrones finished next week.

I’m going to watch it live here in NY and tweet the shit out of it just to pay back every other fucker who blindly uses social media to spoil the show every week for the poor sods who don’t tune in live.

It’s one of life’s simple pleasures that show, and can be ruined by one of life’s intruding devices – the ubiquitous iPhone. There is not one person in this city who is not permanently attached to their device in one form or another.

We are doomed.

Winter has come mate.



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