New York Day 5

IMG_6056Thank you Emergency Services of NYC.


Because without you my wife’s hand may still look like this…

Instead she’s now safely asleep after 5 hours in the ER (mainly waiting) and 6 stitches. On the 6th of the 6th. Oh Dear.

The day started innocently enough. I woke up in my room at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel – I know right – Fancy – and I spent the day waiting (it was to be a popular theme for a Friday in New York City) to speak to the stars of the Clint Eastwood directed Big Screen adaptation of Jersey Boys – the Musical.


The guys were lovely, it’s their first major feature film, and with ten minutes in the can and 4-5 hours of waiting around it was time to meet the ladies of my family for a meal and a trip to Toys R Us.

I walked briskly to Carmine’s Italian Restaurant in the theatre district ( via FedEx) and enjoyed a modest lasagne.


Just for the record, as the picture doesn’t do it justice – that is a family serving of lasagne, suitable for around 5 adults (about $30). We managed about 60% of it before we caused some excitement in the dining area when my missus dropped a glass and cut her hand open.

An ambulance was called and we took a trip uptown to St Luke’s Hospital.


After a long wait during which we got to thank out lucky stars we were tourists with travel insurnace who would be getting fixed up and on our way relatively quickly, it was home to bed.

Good night NYC.IMG_6055



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