Film Review – The Other Woman



Film Review – The Other Woman – Directed by Nick Cassavetes Written By – Melissa Stack

Release Date April 17th 2014

Both much funnier and far more fun than I had anticipated, The Other Woman is a feel good chick flick about revenge for three jilted women.

Leslie Mann carries the film as Kate King, a Stepford Wife to Mark King, (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), a tech start-up entrepreneur who we meet in the throes of passion at the start of a relationship with Carly a successful lawyer, played by Cameron Diaz.

The intense relationship continues for 8 weeks, and when Carly decides to surprise Mark at his home, Kate greets her at the door and it becomes apparent that Mark’s explanations don’t add up for either woman.

There’s an immensely likeable charming quality to Leslie Mann’s Kate King, even as she behaves like  a crazed pre-divorcee as she confronts Carly, who, despite being the adulterer in this equation, is likeable, as her defence is that she is not a Mistress as she had no idea Mark was married in the first place.

Enter Kate Upton as Mark’s third lover and the scene is set for some monumental revenge from the ladies.

Boasting snappy writing, an abundance of physical comedy and slapstick, a handful of gross out scenes, there’s plenty here for an outrageous girls night out.

The pre-release “Chicks at the Flicks” screenings delighted the multiple sold out cinemas at my local multiplex and I laughed out loud for much of the movie.

Not really believable, it’s more a revenge fantasy for these women who have been played by a man that deserves to learn the hard way that he should grow up and appreciate what he does have in his life instead of always wanting more.

Great chemistry between the three leading ladies, a surprisingly excellent appearance from Nicki Minaj as Carly’s secretary, and a decent effort from Don Johnson as Carly’s Dad Frank makes for a mostly enjoyable feel good film.

3 & 1/2 Stars.




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