Film Review – Muppets Most Wanted



Film Review – Muppets Most Wanted.

Directed by James Bobin

Release Date – April 10th 2014

Given sequels have been around for almost three thousand years – since Homer penned his Odyssey as a sequel to the Iliad, audiences have shown an appetite for a continuation of a good story.

And Hollywood loves a money spinner. The previous Muppet film cost $45 million for a return of $165 million, this one cost $50 million and has already made it’s money back within a month.

In this 8th Muppets feature film, the action picks up literally as The End is written in fireworks in the sky in the last shot of the 2011 movie, and the Muppets pose the question – what shall we do now?

They launch into a song about how sequels are never as good as the original, which sets the tone nicely that what we’re going to see will have a tongue firmly in cheek.

Before too long Ricky Gervais comes along, introduces himself as Dominic Badguy and suggest the Muppets go on a world tour.

They perform at venues in immediate proximity to art galleries and museums that Badguy has targeted for burglaries in conjunction with his partner in crime Constantine. An identical match to Kermit the Frog except for a black mole on his lip.

It’s an enjoyable film, packed with laughs and clever gags, but it doesn’t feel like authentic Muppets to me.

I love Ricky Gervais, who is basically playing his best character invention David Brent from the Office, and Tina Fey is wonderful as Gulag prison boss Nadya. Flight of the Conchords Germaine Clement is great too, which makes sense as the film is directed by Conchords co-creator James Bobin.

It won’t be the last time we see the Muppets on the big screen, a decent choice for school holidays if you’ve already seen the Lego Movie.

3 & ½ stars.





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