Film Review – Frozen


Frozen – Directed by Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Release Date – December 26th 2013

With the fantasy genre as strong as it’s ever been, in part thanks to the likes of Peter Jackson keeping Tolkien alive with The Hobbit trilogy, and the accessibility of George RR Martin‘s writing which has been brought to life by HBO in the global smash (and Australia’s most pirated) TV series – Game of Thrones, it’s encouraging to see Disney join the party with an adventure about a mountain kingdom, an enchanted Princess and her sister, a pack of wolves, a talking snowman and some mystical Trolls.

Elsa and Anna are sisters whose parents are the King and Queen of Arendelle.

Elsa has special powers that can make anything freeze, and following an accident that nearly kills Anna, she is made to keep the powers hidden for many years.

When her folks are lost at sea the job of running the Kingdom falls to her.

On her first public engagement she loses control of her powers and she is accused of being an evil sorceress and must flee for her life.

Anna embarks on an adventure to save her, leaving her new boyfriend Hans in charge of the Kingdom.

Is Hans as charming as he seems? Or perhaps he has eyes on the throne…

On her quest to rescue her sister, Anna meets Kristoff, a rugged mountain man who agrees to help her.

It’s not too long before they meet a snowman – Olaf, who is a huge fan of Summer – blissfully unaware of what happens to anything made of snow when the weather warms.

This is a beautifully illustrated film full of song that for the most part was really enjoyable.

I must admit that at times the singing became a little shrill for me, but my six year old enjoyed every part of it.

Taking a daughter to see a new Disney Classic at the cinema that introduces a couple of new faces to the substantial and excellent realm of Disney Princesses already in existence – what better way to spend the holidays?

4 stars.

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