Film Review – Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues




Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues – Directed by Adam McKay

In Australia we are blessed to have a rich history of great comedies that have poked fun at the news – from Good News Week to Frontline, we’ve explored reporting the news as a wealthy source of comedic happenings.

Will Ferrell’s brilliant 2004 film Anchorman played with the premise of a big fish in a small pond – legendary local news anchor Ron Burgundy the top dog on TV news in his beloved San Diego.

In the original story Ron is challenged by the introduction of a female anchor, Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) who he goes on to marry.

In the sequel we see Ron passed over for a prime time news gig in favour of Veronica and he gives her the choice – him or the job.

Burgundy despite his blustery mustachioed appearance and perfect hair and is a fragile creature and it’s the moments where he is close to breaking point or indeed broken, that are most effective.

This sequel, while providing some good laughs on a Friday night at the movies, seemed to lose it’s way in the story about halfway through the film, and what was widespread laughter in the cinema began to become more sporadic until picking up again in the last ten minutes.

I love watching Will Ferrell, but I felt he was upstaged in the absurdity stakes by Steve Carrell as weatherman Brick Tamland, whose interactions with his new colleague played by (Kristen Wiig) as well as just about any moment he opens his mouth are the star of the show.

One of the most fun moments in the film comes from an unnecessary scene as Ron struggles to redeem himself to his wife and son, when the rival news gangs fight it out in a similar fashion to the same scene in the first film. The only difference between the scenes are the faces, with the likes of Will Smith, Liam Neeson and Sasha Baron Cohen popping up.

There are funnier Will Ferrell films, but there probably aren’t too many funnier films at the cinema right now.

3 & ½.

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