Film Review – Bad Grandpa



Bad Grandpa – Directed by Jeff Tremaine

Remember Where the Wild zthings are? Spike Jonze directed James Gandolfini as the voice of Caroal a misunderstood monster. Well Spike Jpnze is back writing a different cable star – Johnny Knoxville as Bad Grandpa – this fil spoke to me in a different way Johnny Knoxville dons the old suit once again for a character familiar to Jackass fans – 86 year old Irving Zisman.

It’s a movie in a similar mould to Borat and Bruno whereby unsuspecting members of the public are caught off guard by the weird antics of a strange person and aren’t quite sure how they are supposed to respond.

I caught up with Johnny Knoxville to find out if he’d ever thought about teaming up with Borat creator Sascha Baron Cohen –

Bad Grandpa works brilliantly because the make up job is so convincing and Knoxville nails his part so well in being an extremely inappropriate old man that the members of the public he meets on camera deal with him the best they can and that forms the back bone of the movie.

Essentially it’s a one trick movie, but every time the trick gets executed well I laughed very very hard.

The storyline is based on a 1973 movie called paper Moon, but it’s not the story we watch for it’s the way in which the unsuspecting American public respond to this out of control horny old man.

Lots of laughs – 3 stars.

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