Film Review – Thor – The Dark World


THOR – The Dark World – Directed by Alan Taylor

I was expecting a lot from the second installment of Thor and it delivered in spades.  I got home and googled the director – Alan Taylor to find he has directed some of my favourite TV shows including The Sopranos and Game of Thrones.

He managed to keep a lot of plates spinning in such a dazzling fashion that it never occurred to me to question some of the ludicrous stuff unfolding on the big screen.

Earlier in the day I watched The Disney movie Treasure Planet with my daughter who was sick home from kindy. I realized one thing watching Thor – that Disney does AWESOME baddies. The creative monsters that that studio comes up with help make you root all the more harder for the goodies.

The great thing about Thor is that one of the main baddies is Thor’s brother Loki played by the wonderful Tom Hiddleston .

Natalie Portman is wonderful as Jane Foster the astrophycisit under Thor’s spell – likewise Chris Hemsworth is a 100% certified Norse God who has fallen for Portman’s charcter, and their chemistry underpins the fantastic action sequences.

If the film is derivative of anything it would have to be the Star Wars universe – even down to spaceshops shaped just like Jengo Fett’s, baddies that blast lasers like Strom troopers and one more Star Wars twist I won’t give away.

All in all enormously entertaining, and for me extremely satisfying – 4. Also worth mentioning Channel 7’s show featuring the Marvel Universe – Agents of Shield.

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