Film Review – Turbo



Turbo – Directed by David Soren

The bar is set high for legendary kids films.

Shrek, Toy Story, Ice Age, Madagascar, Despicable Me.

My recent favourites have included The Lorax and Wreck it Ralph, so I’m willing to welcome new contenders.

That’s exactly what Turbo wants to be – a contender in the Indy 500 car race – but he’s a snail. Luckily he gets dosed with a blast of nitrous oxide in a freak accident and is able to have a crack, despite the resistance from his brother.

This brotherly storyline is nicely matched by two human brothers who run a taco joint that doesn’t scream success.

Speaking of brothers, here’s a movie with both Snoop Dogg and Samuel L Jackson that is actually ok for your kids to see. Check it out.

Predictably my wife said it was a little slow. Nice one.

And Ruby – 6 – got fidgety in the film, but afterwards she was very into Turbo,

Definitely good for kids who like race cars. Almost like an animated Talladega Nights.

Good fun, I enjoyed it and loved the 3D – awesome colours and great voices make this a 3 and a half for me.

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